Tarot Reading


Mission & Meaning

My mission and vision is to advise my clients toward their best possible path and self, through better understanding and awareness of their situation, and themselves. This is accomplished through Tarot sessions, meditation coaching, life coaching, spiritual advising and consulting. This also comes through classes and courses such as

the Right Livelihood class,

Explore your relationship to the Buddhist principle of Right Livelihood, and create better work/life alignment, with this FREE DIY Class.  In 5 lessons that include questionsfor contemplation, reflection prompts for your journal, and inspiring resources, you will explore the alignment of work, skill, and purpose in your life. This DIY Class also provides a foundation for our 3-Week Right Livelihood E-Class.

Sign up Here: http://www.themisacademy.com/yeshes-classes/free-diy-right-livelihood-class



I , Robert Scott, am the founder and head advisor and consultant.

Arcane is that which is understood by few, requiring secret knowledge,  and is mysterious and esoteric.

Also, the Tarot is logically divided in sections known as Major and Minor Arcana.

Arcana Advising is not the name that Robert Scott came up with, but rather I listened to the Universe, and Arcana Advising named itself.

Arcana Advising is registered as an LLC in the State of Ohio.

I look forward to serving and helping you.

 Non disclosure Agreements now available upon request.