May I bring a friend?

 Yes, if you more comfortable, you may bring a friend, just be aware that anything may be revealed in a reading. 

What does a reading cost?

Pricing for a reading varies by the number of people and amount of time for the reading.

A one on one reading is about 30 minutes and costs $30.

A reading with a 2 people together such as a couple will be about 45 minutes and cost $45.

We also do parties. Each party is custom priced based on number of people and time spent at the party. Please call (513) 616-2251 for information.

What is your time availability?

 I am typically available evenings and weekends, but always call to find out for sure if you are looking for a certain time or day.  “Business hours” for readings are 6:30pm to 10:00pm Monday through Friday, and “Available by appointment” most hours of most Saturdays or Sunday’s, barring travel, previous bookings, or events. E-mails and phone calls will be answered as promptly as possible.

Where do you do your readings?

 For one one once readings, we meet at a neutral location for the first consultation, and I will suggest a place.  Online readings via Skype, e-mail, or phone are also available.

How long have you been reading tarot?

I have been reading tarot since 2001 personally, for friends and family since then, I’ve done a few fairs in the meantime, and professionally under the Arcana Advising name since 2016.

Do you take credit cards?

 Yes, we do, either via Square or Paypal.

Do you offer gift certificates / vouchers?

Yes, upon request, and seasonally will be custom created.

I've never had a reading before. What can I expect ? What do I need to do?

You don’t need to “do” anytthing, but you may want to have some questions prepared, as to be sure that those questions are addressed .You may bring any question (legal/medical are off the table) or ask for a general overview type of reading. If you have a questions, this will steer the reading a bit. During one of our tarot sessions, you may be asked to shuffle the cards, if you don’t mind or are comfortable with it.  The reader will lay out the cards, and begin to interpret them, both individually, and in combination with the how they relate to the other cards.  As they aren’t simply “flash cards”, some time may be taken in order to reflect on the meaning, as well as have a conversation throughout the reading. The reader will also provide how the meanings can relate to practical advice to your situation or question.