About My Readings

You ask questions. I shuffle, pull cards, and then I read the cards to provide insight, clarity, guidance, and a look at the possibilities. Often on my portable sign board I will write “ask me anything”.

And so, it is. Why’s, how’s, what’s, are all especially good.

I provide answers on spiritual questions or practical questions of money, career, education, family, love, romance.

A reading from me may give you a confirmation or reassurance to something you already suspect. My reading may also give you “aha” or “I did not see that” or “I hadn’t thought or realized that” or “that is a new approach I could take”. We may look at decisions, to show you information on door number one or door number two.

My primary tool is tarot cards. The set I use when we work together, and how I lay them out is based on what I am drawn to, based on the information you give me.

Robert Scott

About Robert

I am a professional tarot reader in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas, with excellent ratings on Yelp! and Thumbtack. Click here to see reviews. I read in person, by phone, by Skype,  or even by email, on nearly any topic, ask me anything.  

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I was introduced to the practice of tarot reading on deployment in the U.S. Army in 2001, and have grown my relationship and fluency in it ever since.

You may have seen me at a variety of festivals, events including Steampunk themed events and conventions. I have also read tarot to support the Dragonfly Foundation, and the LifeCenter as part of his commitment to community.

I am a Member of Tarosophy Tarot Association. 

Tarosophy Tarot Association

I have contributed to the Cartomancer Magazine and Witches and Pagans on topics of Tarot and Divination.